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New!! Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, You’re Alive and Life Is Beautiful

New!! A Feel Good Concert and You’re Invited!

New!! Female Indie March Playlist 2012

New!! FeelGood Indie March Playlist 2012

Acoustic Hip Hop For The Soul

FeelGood February Playlist 2012

The Longboard Mix [Cruiser’s Companion Pt.1]

Hand Clappin’ Foot Stompin’ Indie

Be Mine, Please? [An Unconventional Indie Love Letter]

January Indie Female Playlist 2012

Strength Through Music [Acoustic Motivation]

Feel Good Indie Playlist January 2012

One Love. 9 Covers. [Reggae Covers of Your Favorite Songs]

Top Indie Folk Songs of 2011, imho.

Top 50 Feel Good Indie Songs of 2011

Top Up and Coming Female Indie Vocalists of 2011

December Indie Feel Good Playlist 2011

We Are The Music Lovers.

Be Calm. [The Anti-Anxiety Playlist]

A Beautiful Indie Winter [Folksy Indie Ear-Warmers]

Just Be Yourself, Dammit

Indie Music Meet Top 40, Top 40 Meet Indie Music. [Covers]

Shamelessly Happy in November (Feel Good Indie Nov 2011)

Upbeat Chillaxing

 A Dog Day Afternoon (Dog Lovers Unite)

Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together (Acoustic Indie Duets)

Dear Ex, I’ve Been Great Without You

Smile, It’s October 🙂 Feel Good Indie October 2011

Female Indie Vocalists September 2011

Feel Good Indie September 2011

Feel Good Indie August 2011

Female Indie Vocalists 2011

So Long, Sweet Summer

Ladies and Gentlemen…The Blues

The Love We Made at Gunpoint Wasn’t Love at all.

An Intergalactic Dance Party

Shamelessly Funky!

Sweet Dreams (An Acoustic  Goodnight)

The Happy Ukulele

Shamelessly Happy

An Acoustic Summer Romance

Beautiful Music from Beautiful Minds

An Indie Workout (When walking turns into an Adventure)

An Indie Workout pt.2

Walking at Night with Swag

There’s nothing that the road cannot heal

Strange Bedfellows

An Interstellar Romance

Shake It Out!

Indie Covers

Yesterday was a Good Day

Smashing Your Heart with an Acoustic Guitar

Indie Covers of The Smiths

One Day At a Time (Soundtrack to Recovery)

Feel Good Hip Hop [Inspire and Motivate]

Feel Good about Starting Over

Dance, Emo Kid, Dance.

    • Sure thing, it must have slipped my mind, i’ve been busy with some of my other playlists but it will be up within the week. Thanks for reminding me. I’m almost ready to put up the december one lol. Can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂

  1. amarettoswirl said:

    your spotify link doesn’t work.

    • Hey, I just checked it out and it seems to be working fine. It should open a page that asks if you have Spotify which you will need to have installed in order to view my playlists. You can get it for free at http://www.Spotify.com, if that still doesn’t work you can just open the spotify player and in the search box type in

      (note that it must be in all lowercase). Hope this helps

      • HI! I find your playlist really nice, it uplifts and gives good vibes. 🙂 Keep mixing!

      • Thanks much! I’m glad you enjoyed my little blog here. Good Vibes all around 🙂

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