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All the way from Dublin, Ireland comes the fun sounds of a great new up and coming band by the name of Land Lovers. The Land Lovers are 5 members strong (Cooney, Ciarain Canavan, Brian Lynch, Cormac Hughes, and Shane Murphy) who make indie pop music of the feel good variety. They launched their new album Confidants through Popical Island at the end of September with great reception and glowing reviews from within the indie music community. Tracks from the new album have gained airplay throughout the UK and Ireland by the likes of BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1, Today FM, and various college radio stations. Even the album artwork was voted best Irish Artwork in 2011 by (check it out here).

So without much ado, stream the entire album, Confidants, below and check out the video + a free download for the track “The Cinema Bell”

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“Choirs is a group of friends who enjoy getting together and making music.” –Choirs bandpage bio. 

And what more do you need? You can almost hear the musical chemistry between the members as the music plays.  Atmospheric and beautiful yet at the same time with a heart pounding alternative rock prescence.

This band is one to definitely watch. Upon first listen the songs sounded familiar yet new. Like an old friend you haven’t seen in forever but when you do you can barely recongnize them because they have changed so much (for the better). And that is only a sign of greater things to come.

This is definitely a band to watch. I can’t believe it’s only the beginning. This young band will probably be all over the map soon so don’t miss out.

Download + Stream the Prologue EP below

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I’ve been a fan of mashups for quite some time, I’ve even tried my hand at it but i admittedly suck at it so I won’t even try and pretend like i have a clue about how it’s done..just that it sounds damn good when it’s done right. Anyways, enough about me…Founders of The Octopus Hamstring, Tyler and Mike (Mike being the mastermind) have actually been working on a project called The 86 Angels which is currently on constant rotation on my ipod. It’s a fairly new project but they are already on Vol. 3 of their mashup/remix series and this recently released track has really shown progression from Volumes 1 and 2 (which are still great in their own rights). Mixing old school hip hop including Wu Tang, Notorious B.I.G, etc with bands like Converge excite me. It’s refreshing to hear this unique blend of varying musical genres with varying themes instead of the same old mashups with david guetta, kesha, rihanna, etc etc.

 “The ’86 Angels are Mike, Tyler and Phat B. Mike and Tyler are huge fans of Morrissey and the Smiths; Phat B is not. Tyler and Phat B can each grow impressive beards; Mike cannot. Mike and Phat B can name the entire starting lineup from the Angels’ 2002 World Series Championship team; Tyler cannot.” – Soundcloud Bio

And as their official site states “if you came here to dance, go somewhere else. this isn’t that kind of party.”….but the thing IS that kind of party..and you can cry if you want to. I won’t tell. It’s just that damn good.

And as always generous as they are creative, featured below are the first 12 minutes off of Vol.3 exclusively at free for download. Just click the link below 
The First 12 Minutes [The ’86 Angels, Vol. III]

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Every once in awhile i come across a musician whose music is not only unique but inspiring and with a great voice to match so i couldn’t resist sharing this with you all. A random tweet from Brian Larsen actually caught my attention and come to find out he’s more than just someone on twitter with some inspiring tweets (@Brian_Larsen) but also a great artist you should be on the watch for.

“Honest, heartfelt indie pop/rock songs are woven organically into “Building,” the highly anticipated second solo album from singer-songwriter Brian Larsen. Addictive melodies laced with sophisticated, finger-picked progressions and a captivating voice candidly share moments in the coming-of-age of this rare talent.” –

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Pre-order the new album now at: and receive an instant free download of the album’s first single “How Long” not available anywhere else!

[To be released April 17, 2012 on Protocol Records.]

Create and support positive music, the world definitely needs more of it. 🙂

This weeks band to watch, Vows, is a “DIY dream pop due” from Central NJ comprised of Bone Blanket and Nillo. It’s hard not to get hooked upon first listen. With dreamy soundscapes and calming vocals matched with an upbeat tone throughout the whole album, it definitely left me wanting more. There are also elements of folk especially the song “Glory” which to me can be best described as dreamy folk.  The pair is currently playing shows with three other members of the Crystal Mountain Music Collective (Sabeel Azam, Ryan Ward, Scott Soffer) to recreate the sound as a live band experience. Now, amid shows the band is back in the basement recording a new full-length album.These guys are definitely on the rise and personally I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store.

Stream the song “Parallel” below from the album Winter’s Grave

“Born a Wolf” Official Music Video

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