Let there be Drums! (Top Drum Solos/Performances)

When I was in middle school, I will unashamedly admit that i was a huge blink 182 fan, not just because of the catchy teen angst lyrics but mostly because of the insane drumming of Travis Barker. Well Years later, and many musical obsessions later, I found that Travis was not the best drummer known to mankind. A silly thought to begin with, I know… but the drums are the heartbeat of a song, the rhythmic pounding that makes you move your head and air drum on your desk.

Especially that one part in Eric Clapton’s Phil  Collins In The Air Tonight…you know what I’m talking about. I’ve almost wrecked numerous times drumming that one part on my steering wheel :/

Although, I will not pretend that I started out listening to Led Zeppelin and Rush, I came into them on my own (and by that i mean…staying up late nights watching VH1 Classic and Headbangers Ball after my parents had gone to bed) and found that I had only scraped the top of what would be a world of amazing drummers.

So for those of you unfamiliar with John Bonham, Danny Carey, or Ginger Baker..let me just say, your mind is about to be blown. Let’s start with my all time favorite…Neil Peart

Now that you have had your mind blow, here is a playlist of my top 15 favorite classic drum solos/performances in a song (+ my top 10 favorite modern drummers)

*These are MY favorite drummers, love it or hate it, it’s what i enjoy, if you disagree well that’s great. Comment or send me hate mail but i’m not a drummer, just a lover of music and whatever makes me tap my feet*

In no particular order. [to download right click mp3 and save as…]

1. John Bonham Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick [mp3] [video]
2. Neil Peart Rush – YYZ [mp3] [video]
3. Alex Van Halen Van Halen – Hot For Teacher [mp3] [video]
4. Ginger Baker Cream – Toad [mp3] [video]
5. Buddy Rich – Apples [mp3] [video]
6. Ringo Starr The Beatles – The End [mp3] [video]
7. Ron Bushy Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [mp3] [video]
8. Mel Taylor The Ventures – Wipeout [mp3] [video]
9. Mike Portnoy Dream Theater – 6:00 [mp3] [video]
10. Scott Travis Judas Priest – PainKiller [mp3] [video]
11. Bill Bruford Yes – Heart of Sunrise [mp3] [video]
12.Ian Paice Deep Purple – Burn [mp3] [video]
13. Chuck Ruff The Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein [mp3] [video]
14. Michael Giles King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man [mp3] [video]
15.Larry Mullen Jr U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday [mp3] [video]

Download Full Playlist via Mediafire (Classic Drum Solos + Performances)

Stream playlist via 8tracks.com

And now for something a little more modern…

Here are 10 of my favorite drummers from recent times, enjoy!

1. Danny Carey Tool – Ticks and Leeches [mp3] [video]
2. ?uestLove The Roots etc, etc, – Din Da Da [mp3]
3. Thomas Pridgen The Mars Volta – Wax Simulacra [mp3] [video]
4. Joey Jordison Slipknot – Drum Solo (live) [mp3] [video]
5. Nathan Followill Kings of Leon – McFearless [mp3] [video]
6. Dave Grohl Tenacious D – Car Chase City [mp3] [video]
7. Jimmy Chamberlain Smashing Pumpkins – Geek U.S.A [mp3]
8. Matt Cameron Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose [
mp3] [video]

9. Carter Beauford Dave Matthews Band – Tripping Billies [mp3] [video]

and last but not least 🙂

Download Full Playlist Here via Mediafire (modern drum solos + performances)

  1. Ryan said:

    Arrr… I love this! I might go revisit some Blink 182 this weekend, I grew up on those guys.

    Oh, and I think you mean Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” :p

  2. lol yup leave it to me to mess that up. 1 rule i live by: “When in doubt, say Eric Clapton.” although it doesnt really work in this case, i knew it was Phil Collins. idk why i put eric clapton. Thanks much for catching that though! 🙂 can’t really drum along to Tears in Heaven.

  3. Ryan said:

    I’ll also mention my favorite drummer is Meg White. She just adds so much rawness to the White Stripes.

    • I forgot all about meg, and im sure there are many more i missed but i tried to narrow it down to my favorites so the list wouldnt be a mile long. even though its a simple beat, i used to love tapping on my desk in school to the song “little room” by white stripes

  4. You got some ridiculous drummers in your list. Personally I’ve always thought Ringo was always super underrated. He wasn’t flashy, didn’t throw in a gnarly fill every 16 bars, didn’t always start a measure with a crash hit, etc. he had something that most musicians don’t have period: Restraint. Ultimate team player, put the song ahead of flash. Dig it. Now on the other hand, I love me a badass flashy drummer. Here’s my short list:

    Bernard Purdie – Played on tons of old soul and funk records, a lot with James Brown…YouTube “Purdie Shuffle Parts 1 & 2”

    Jimmy Chamberlain – Smashing Pumpkins; dude is unreal. Gets most of his respect from other musicians, Siamese Dream, my vote for best album of the 90’s (seriously) is because of him, not Corgan…and Corgan is God…forget the fact that he’s a shithead.

    Herb – Primus; dude’s got more cymbals in his live rig than anyone I’ve EVER seen and uses them all, friggin nuts…

    Bill Stevenson – Descendents/Black Flag/All; best punk rock drummer alive or dead, hands down (although dude from Propagandhi is close, but for completely different reasons) I will debate this with anyone.

    Dan Buckles – Dimerunner; sloppy as shit, but bleeds, feels and internalizes every snare, every hit…and he usually breaks his kick pedal 2 songs into every gig without fail, but pulls it off.

  5. JustinB said:

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    • Nice i have never heard of that site but i love the concept, definitely gonna be checking that out more

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