New Band To Watch: Choirs

“Choirs is a group of friends who enjoy getting together and making music.” –Choirs bandpage bio. 

And what more do you need? You can almost hear the musical chemistry between the members as the music plays.  Atmospheric and beautiful yet at the same time with a heart pounding alternative rock prescence.

This band is one to definitely watch. Upon first listen the songs sounded familiar yet new. Like an old friend you haven’t seen in forever but when you do you can barely recongnize them because they have changed so much (for the better). And that is only a sign of greater things to come.

This is definitely a band to watch. I can’t believe it’s only the beginning. This young band will probably be all over the map soon so don’t miss out.

Download + Stream the Prologue EP below

Support Good Music:
Choirs on BandCamp
Choirs on Facebook
Amazon Digital Download


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