Be Mine, Please? [An Unconventional Indie Love Letter]

It’s that time of year again where the lovers rejoice and the single people become more aware (ie Single’s Awareness Day). Even if you do not have a Valentine, use the day to celebrate love in general. Love for family, for music, for pets, for books…anything. Love isn’t about necessarily being with “the one” but just having something that creates joy in your life.

So I have put together a dandy little mix in the spirit of love and rejection, happiness and sadness, Valentine’s Day and Single’s Awareness Day, and all the mixed emotion that it tends to bring.

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Happy Love Day!

1. The Bird and The Bee – Fucking Boyfriend
2. Bright Eyes ft. First Aid Kit – We’re Gonna Be Friends
3. Nedelle – Republic of Two
4. The Moldy Peaches – Anyone But You
5. XOXO, Panda – The HeartBreak Moment
6. Bombadil – A Question
7. Maia Hirasawa – And I Found This Boy
8. Donora – I Think I Like You
9. A Big Yes and A Small No – I’m Always Manic (When I’m Around You)
10. You Say France and I Whistle – Animal
11. Best Coast – Boyfriend (Lindstrom Remix)
12. Ida Maria – Louie
13. Kate Nash – We Get On
14. Animal Prufrok – I Like You
15. Freelance Whales – Girl U Want
16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
17. Lykke Li – Little Bit
18. Bastille – Flaws
19. Anthony Green – She Loves Me So
20. Blue October – My Never
21. Russian Red – I Hate You But I Love You
22. Lily Allen – Littlest Things
23. Ingrid Michaelson – You and I
24. Ben Howard – Only Love
25. Adele – Crazy For You (live)
26. Her Space Holiday – Tech Romance
27. Metronomy – Love Underlined

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