Band To Watch: Vows

This weeks band to watch, Vows, is a “DIY dream pop due” from Central NJ comprised of Bone Blanket and Nillo. It’s hard not to get hooked upon first listen. With dreamy soundscapes and calming vocals matched with an upbeat tone throughout the whole album, it definitely left me wanting more. There are also elements of folk especially the song “Glory” which to me can be best described as dreamy folk.  The pair is currently playing shows with three other members of the Crystal Mountain Music Collective (Sabeel Azam, Ryan Ward, Scott Soffer) to recreate the sound as a live band experience. Now, amid shows the band is back in the basement recording a new full-length album.These guys are definitely on the rise and personally I can’t wait to hear what else they have in store.

Stream the song “Parallel” below from the album Winter’s Grave

“Born a Wolf” Official Music Video

For Tour Dates, Media, and More Visit Vows @ Vowsmusic
Support the Album ‘Winters Grave’ @ Amazon

    • Now that you mention it, they kind of remind me of People in Planes as well. hm.

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