Bands To Watch in 2012

* Each week I’ll Be Featuring a new up and coming band from many different genres (happy, feel good artists). If you have any recommendations please feel free to email me at *

Baby Baby (Atlanta,GA)

Since listening to the upbeat extremely fun heart pounding Baby Baby Album ‘Money’, I haven’t been able to stop listening to these guys. It’s the type of music that makes you feel as though you need to be in a room full of people destroying everything around you and having the time of your life. And that description doesn’t even begin to do them justice.

Just listen to one of my favorite tracks from the album entitled “Breakin'”

“Baby Baby is definitely a band that is more than just the three people on the stage, they are everyone that comes to a show and wants to have a good time. Baby Baby are the people who bang on tables and walls to the beat of the drums. Baby Baby are the people who jump on stage during “We Do This All Night Long” and dance until they can dance no more. Baby Baby are the people who scream out all the lyrics at the top of their lungs into the microphones alongside the band themselves…read more

Band Website:
Support Album here: Amazon


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