A Dog Day Afternoon [Dog Lovers Unite]

Here’s one for all the dogs, I actually got this idea from one of my fellow co-workers (since we chat about music all day long…we even came up with a title for a future mashups mix in the works called Iron & Grind…haha. Thanks Don). Anyways, I’ve always been an animal lover, not just a dog lover but just animals in general. Dogs just tend to be my favorite and apparently a few other great musicians feel the same. This playlist isn’t just one about titles with the word dog in it, it goes a little deeper than that. Each one of these is an ode to man And womans best friend. Including songs with actual dogs doing some backup singing (see Pink Floyd’s Seamus). This is also a list great for walking your dog too. Stop thinking about romances, work, and what you’re gonna make for dinner. Focus on Sparky(generic dog name).

Listen to the full playlist free uninterrupted here A Dog Day Afternoon hosted by 8tracks.com or click on each link individually to listen. Enjoy!

1. Nellie Mckay – The Dog Song
2. Iron & Wine – Wolves (Song Of The Shepherd’s Dog)
3.Eels – Christmas Is Going To The Dogs
4. Marcy Playground – Dog and His Master
5.Bright Eyes – Stray Dog Freedom
6.Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog
7. Modest Mouse – Wild Pack of Family Dogs
8. The Monkees – Gonna Buy Me A Dog (re-issue)
9. Belle & Sebastian – Dog on Wheels
10. Seamus – Pink Floyd


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