Pickin’ On Your Favorite Band (Bluegrass Covers)

It’s been a lazy day so i decided to watch some of my old favorite movies and low and behold…inspiration. Thank you ‘Deliverance’. You know that one scene when the kid is playin that song on the banjo? Yeeeeah you know. I must admit, i never really was a fan of banjos or bluegrass but was always very impressed with the skill it takes to play such music. That banjo is no joke. So today i immersed myself into the world of bluegrass and i love it. Not only that but there are some amazing bluegrass cover songs out there and it’s a good way to introduce someone to bluegrass who wouldn’t give it a chance. You’ll be surprised. So here. Take a listen and enjoy. And if you can get through this list without playing the air banjo…well…listen again then. :p

Playlist Inspiration

Most of these songs are from the Pickin On Series which i seriously recommend you go checkout (amazon.com or even better Spotify). So i’ll just list the name of the actual song and the original band bc the various artists on some of these songs…i can’t quite find their names which poses a problem when trying to give them credit so if you know any actual names of these bluegrass performers let me know, i’d much appreciate it. Thanks

Listen to the full playlist free uninterrupted here Bluegrass Covers hosted by 8tracks.com or click on each link individually to listen. Enjoy!

1.The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
2. Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower
3. Radiohead – Paranoid Android
4. Modest Mouse – Float On (Cover By Iron Horse)
5. John Mayer – No Such Thing
6. R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
7. Dave Matthews Band – What Would You Say
8. Jimi Hendrix – Stone Free (cover by Richard Greene, David West)
9. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls (Cover by Hayseed Dixie)
10. Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice (Cover by The Gourds)
11. Elton John – Rocket Man Benny and the Jets (Thank you Erik for pointing that out)
12. Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Sky (Cover by David West)

  1. Great mix, I love the Radiohead and Elton John covers. One thing, the Elton John cover is actually Benny & The Jets, not Rocketman.

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