Introducing Soul Punk.

Yes i will admit, I didn’t even know former fall out boy frontman Patrick Stump even had this in the works. When i actually did find out I was interested to hear how this would differ from older FOB stuff. Not to keep bringing up the Fall Out Boy status… i know a lot of you already know who Patrick Stump is by name alone but for those who don’t he was the lead singer of Fall Out Boy. Ok now i won’t mention it again. I believe artists and their solo projects should be looked at as entirely new ideas and listened to in the same fashion. Soul Punk was definitely something i didn’t expect. From the title alone, i knew i was in for something good. From first listen i was close to turning it off and moving on but this cd actually kept me interested all the way through. Patrick Stump has always been a soulful singer and although there are alot of upbeat dancy tracks (pretty much the whole thing), his voice is not to be outshone. The main reason i had to mention this though was just because this CD is one of the only ones i own that is just a constant fun feel better live your life type of thing. From beginning to End. Also, no sappy patrick ballads here ( i know 😦 ) but by the end of the album i was pumped up and hoping for the exact opposite.

I have included a playlist of 3 of my favorite songs from the album so far, so you can get an idea of what i mean.

If you like this is as much as me, support Mr. Stump

[click album to buy and support]

I’d love to know your thoughts on Patrick and his Soul Punk? And no debates on wtf should be defined as punk, etc…not the place. Music is not about labeling, it’s about the feeling it gives you. Hence, my ecclectic taste.

Music = Love.


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