New Feel Good Indie Playlist October 2011

Pumpkin pie, jumping into big piles of leaves (then regretting it as i rake them back up), beautiful leaves on the trees and on the ground, and just this calmness that i love about this month, nothing beats it. Before i get too watery eyed, I’ve compiled the monthly feel good playlist and i sincerely hope you won’t be disappointed. Happy October!!

To listen to the full playlist with a few bonus tracks visit my playlist at or just click on each song title to listen in.


Sounds like: 

1. Fun. Ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young
2. The Kooks – Carried Away
3. Team Me – Me And The Mountain
4. Florence And The Machine – Shake It Out
5. Los Campesinos – By Your Hand
6. Dutch Uncles – The Ink
7. The Wombats – Guillotine
8. FM Belfast – Believe
9. Rebekah Higgs – Little Voice
10. Tin Sparrow – Eileen
11.Ball Park Music – It’s Nice To Be Alive
12. Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps – Strong Shoulders
13. The Magician And The Gates Of Love – I Want It All
14. Boy – Waitress
15. Bombay Bicycle Club – Beg
16. Baby Baby – Fire
17. The Shoes – Time To Dance
18. The Answering Machine – 3 Miles


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