UFO is for Unexpected F**** Great Cover Album..

Ok not really but after trying to think of a word for O that would help describe this album became a little difficult i just went with whatever (hope you don’t mind too much). Anyways, I was just listening to some new albums and i came across Relient K‘s
K Is For Karaoke EPand so me being a long time fan of theirs i pressed pause on a band called Wakey!Wakey!(ever heard of them?…eh) and was blown away..this wasn’t just some mediocre need-to-make-money-so-lets-put-out-a-cover-cd…the songs were genuinely crafted in Relient K fashion with the lead singer even taking some vocal leaps i wasn’t aware he even posessed. Overall, I give this album a 4.5 and would definitely recommend it as a pick me up CD. a…Happy Spin on Nostalgic Songs..suppose that probably would have been a better title for this post?

Below are 3 of my favorite songs off the album. If you enjoy those please go support the band and buy the CD K is For Karaoke EP or if that’s too old school..buy the actual mp3 album ( yup you can do that..)

1. Motorcycle Drive By Originally done by Third Eye Blind 

2. Crazy originally done by Gnarls Barkley

3. Interstate Love Songs By Stone Temple Pilots

I’m interested to know what’s your favorite cover album? or even your favorite cover band??

Answer in the comments and i’ll send one random person a free mp3 album of the K is For Karaoke EP. Random winner picked on 10.21.11

  1. I know it’s late to reply but I personal liked the stone temple pilots cover, I love wakey wakey btw and relient k is one of old favorites too 🙂

    • never too late to reply 🙂 and relient k is one of those type bands i got into in high school and never got tired of. still making great music.

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