New Indie Female Vocalists 2011

Hello everyone,

To those who have been following me over on 8tracks, this playlist will look familiar as i only had time to post it up on 8tracks before having to rush out of the house to work, shoes in hand and coffee in the other. (Procrastination, much?) Anywho this playlist was inspired by all the recent great female vocalists that seem to be going unheard in the indie scene…well the music scene altogether. So i have compiled a list of 30 brand new tracks from up and coming female indie artists. I know there are tons more but these happen to be my favorite. Talent never will be gender specific and this i suppose is a modern example of that.


Listen to the full playlist free at or just click on a song title for lovely listening 🙂

What should you expect?

2. Sidney York – Dick & Jane
3. Laura Stevenson And The Cans – The Healthy One
4. An Horse – Airport Death
5.  Friends Of The Oval – Color Revolutions
6. Monarchs – Business Casual
7.  Zoey Van Goey – Another Day Another Disaster
8. The Good Natured – Wolves
9. The Joy Formidable – Whirring
10. Theodor – Delia And The Sculptor
11.  Mama Bear – Thick As Thieves
12. Austra – Lose It (Young Galaxy Remix)
13. Pina Chulada – Safe Living
14. LIPS Songs – Everything to me
15. Russian Red – I Hate But I Love You

1 comment
  1. Aaron said:

    I saw a video on You Tube of a band with only 2 members – female singer and a guy with a computer or drum machine.
    The song starts out with a simple drum beat and is very retro (80s) sounding. On the video they were playing live. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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