What have you been up to, young lady????

Well I’ve been pretty busy lately with working and school but i’m definitely trying not to neglect my blog. It’s not only a therapy for me but i’ve heard such positive comments on the way some of my playlists just brighten other peoples day and NOTHING makes me happier than making you smile so if i don’t post for a few day don’t think i’ve fallen off the edge of the earth, im just lstening to music and going through life, keeping note of my fav. new songs along the way :p So by tonight or tomorrow i am going to put out an August Indie Feel Good Playlist 2011 Featuring a bunch of brand new songs by bands such as Beirut, Portugal.The Man, Fleet Foxes, Arctic Monkeys, etc. and a bunch of songs by bands you haven’t heard of but definitely need to. J

But that’s about it, i hope everyone is having a great week so far!


PS – I’ve always had this obsession with concert posters so i think i will be posting a blog about that as well. If you’d like to see some of the ones i have recently collected you can visit it at IndieMusicPosters.Tumblr.com

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