Sleeping In (Lazy Sunday)

So obviously i didn’t really shamelessly sleep in today. I woke up and walked about 4 miles, took a nap, then realized it was Sunday (were it not for this blog i think i would have lost track of days altogether). I wish that i had slept in and just let the day unravel without me. This singe thought inspired me for the next time that i want to just stay in bed all day sleeping, dreaming, staring into space, or as the Italians would say Dulce Le Vita…which to me translates as the beauty of just doing nothing. Others might argue its more along the lines of enjoying the absolute joy of everyday life but i believe in order to truly do that you have to just stop sometimes. just stop. let the world become you. But enough of that. Life is good, Life is great, shall we move on? :]

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1. Incubus – Aqueous Transmission
2. The Postal Service – Sleeping In
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Porcelain
4. Lykke Li – Time Flies
5. A Perfect Circle – Lullaby
6. Copeland – Sleep (Premix)
7. Dave Matthews Band – Lying in the Hands of God
8. Thao and Mirah – Sugar and Plastic
9. Anthony Green – Miracle Sun
10. Jack Johnson – Banana Cakes
11. Dashboard Confessional – Better
12. Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights
13. Monsters of Folk – Ahead of the Curve
14. The Hush Sound – Don’t Wake Me Up
15. Jacks Mannequin – MFEO Pt. 2 You Can Breathe
16. Bon Iver – Minnesota, WI
17. The Format – If Work Permits
18. City and Colour – Northern Wind
19. the Kooks – Love It All
20. M Ward – Shangri-La

  1. Wow! You and I seem to have really similar music tastes…Iron & Wine, Monsters of Folk, Jack Johnson (btw, the song is “Banana PANcakes” :P) and City & Colour and M. Ward…

    I rarely meet people with similar tastes! Great post 🙂

    • Yeah me either, it’s good to be eclectic though. I just listen to whatever sounds good, and it looks like you do the same. 🙂

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