Shamelessly Funky

I’ve been listening to so many different styles and genres of music for the past week or so and it’s just a great feeling to open your ears and mind up to a whole new world of music. That’s the thing i love about’s a never ending quest of intrigue. Well i listened to the Blues mostly but after listening to the Blues for so long you kind of need a pick me up so why not some classic funk music. The kind featured on the likes of Soul Train, etc. I have found that no matter how embarassed you might be to admit that you like some of these songs..they have an effect to make you get up dance and not give a f*** who is watching. It’s almost like this specific genre of funk was made to make anyone feel better. So of course without further ado…

Instructions: Put on your funkiest clothes, plug in your ipod and turn this playlist on, then walk down the street shamelessly and tell me you don’t feel like the coolest motherf*cker alive.

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(also available on Spotify)

1.Average White band – Pick Up the Pieces
2. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
3. George Clinton – Atomic Dog
4. Earth, Wind, And Fire – Shining Star
5. Charles Wright – Express Yourself
6. Sly & The Family Stone – Thank You
7. Wild Cherry – Play that Funky Music
8. Earth, Wind, and Fire – September
9. James Brown – I Got You (I Feel Good)
10. Ros eRoyce – Car Wash
11. Kool and the Gang – Celebration
12. Bee Gees – Stayin Alive
13. Parliament – Flashlight
14. Earth, Wind, and Fire – Boogie Wonderland
15. Rick James – Super Freak
16. Commodores – Brick House
17. Ohio Players – Love Rollercoaster
18. Temptations – My Girl
19. Lipps Inc. – Funky Town
20. Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People

1 comment
  1. Nonie said:

    You have shed a ray of snsuhnie into the forum. Thanks!

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