R.I.P Amy Winehouse, Back to Black.


“Singer Amy Winehouse found dead at her London apartment, UK Press Association reports. She was 27. ”

Read the full story at CNN.com (not tmz…please.)

This news may not be shocking to others because of her past problems with drugs and violence but i am actually extrememly saddened by this news. Every one of us has our own problems and when you are a celebrity such as amy winehouse sometimes the pressure becomes too much and i’m not condoning the bad choices she made but i am very empathetic and sympathetic towards her. People would make jokes about how she was gonna die soon anyway and i always thought that was sick. If you have ever heard Back To Black you know that album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Her voice and the music…it just was one of a kind drawing influences from early doo wop, jazz, blues, rock, etc.  She was so talented and i have always been holding out hope for her wishing for a full recovery and a new album. I guess now i will never see that day but i’ll remember her for Back to Black and Frank. Not tabloid pictures of her stumbling out of cars and sh*t. I know there is going to be an outpouring of  “I told you so” from people who have no idea how hard addiction itself can be especially when you are in the spotlight and every one is expecting you to fail. But enough of that. Let’s remember her for songs like “Tears Dry on their Own” “Back to Black” “Love is a Losing Game” and all the other greats.

This amazing young artist will be dearly missed.


  1. Toys said:

    RIP, Amy Winehouse, In her short lifetime, Winehouse too often made headlines because of drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, destructive relationships and abortive performances. But it’s her small but powerful body of recorded music that will be her legacy.

    • I can only hope. Her music was just unrivaled in todays music scene.

  2. Louisa said:

    Hot damn, looinkg pretty useful buddy.

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