My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions are Good

So i’ve been gone for a few days just taking a break and really listening to some great new artists. When making playlists sometimes it’s hard to truly appreciate the new songs you hear because after doing this for so long all i can think is what theme is this song and is it inspirational to base a playlist off of. I’ve realized i’ve been doing that to try to keep up with my original one or more playlists a day but i decided i needed a few days to pull out some old records and some new and rediscover my true love for music. You know…those lazy days of getting lost in a song within your own interpretation and nothing else matters…that’s a feeling i have been lacking recently and i want to gain that back. That way i’ll have a lot of new materials and ideas and an all around better blog. Not to say i put no effort into my other playlists because believe me i have and each one of those songs hold a special meaning for me. I just have been feeling overwhelmed with the huge amount of music coming out every day from different artists. So i figure the best way to combat this is to understand that i Will not possibly be able to hear every song in the world but i will do my best to come close while still holding true to my love of music.

I’ve been exploring different genres from Blues to Funk to Folk Rock so expect some playlists coming soon based around those genres. Of course there will be more indie and you guessed it Acoustic music (what can i say??? i’m a sucker for acoustic. Trust me i’m going to pour everything i have to come back with something special for you all. No matter what your music preference is. And please don’t hesitate to send me any ideas or feedback you might have.

To be the first to access these new playlists please subscribe to my blog and Thank you so much for the support. You’ll never know how much it means to me.

Thank you,


PS – On a  random note this song just came up  on shuffle and i know it’s a bit old but Date With The Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would make a great night workout song. What do you think?




  1. Mia Paulin said:

    hey, cuz, how r u? I’m chillin. just wanted 2 say hi. and ur right. Clarissa doesn’t explain it all. her brother fergie did. i didn’t know u remembered that show. it can out when u were like 4.

    • This has made my day. I wish all positgns were this good.

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