Shameless Facebook/Spotify Promotion

Finally, Spotify is available to the US without an invite. This revolutionary playlist sharing service is something i’ve been waiting to try out for quite awhile now and as of 5 minutes ago i now have an account. In addition to putting my playlists on this blog and 8tracks i will also be putting all my playlists up on Spotify for you to listen to for free. Wherever you are. In order to really get the full benefit of Spotify, a facebook page was necessary and i’ve actually been thinking of making a Facebook Page for this site so now is the perfect time. It may take a day or two for me to get everything set up so if you see a tumbleweed blowing by, don’t worry. I’ll be feverishly working on it.

Please visit Feel Good Playlists on Facebook for updates, new playlists, and more

For Spotify users my SN is FeelGoodPlaylists (easy enough, huh? :] )

Thank you all for your continued support of this site as nothing makes me happier than to know i have opened up someone elses ears to new music and/or maybe made your day just that much better 🙂


  1. Liked you twice!
    Now… does spotify just figure it out?

    • TYVM you’ve solved all my prbolems

  2. I think so. You show up in my people list so i think you’re added. How do you like someone?

    • Kaycie said:

      Haahahha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

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