Feel Good Features [The Octopus Hamstring]

There are two things that i believe make this life worth living. Music and Humor. The ability to not take life so seriously all the time and just laugh at all it’s little (and sometimes big) quirks. Of course love “makes the world go round” but i believe out of love comes music and happiness. Not just the kind of love you find with  another person but the love of life itself. So in that same vein and all the way from California comes The Octopus Hamstring, a new music blog created by two music fiends like myself, Mike and Tyler. With titles like The Morrissey Paradox and Why You Should Blame the Descendents for Ruining Punk Rock this blog is full of music and humor. The Morrissey Paradox i found to be a real thought provoking article on the man himself. Fans of both the smiths and morrissey would certainly enjoy it..think Morrissey meets Bill Cosby. Need I Say More?

So since this IS a music playlist blog i thought what a better way to get to know someone through their taste in music. Or as Mike put it “Music and Art can be a much better indicator of someone’s psyche than one’s politics or religion.” Agreed. This playlist suggests music ADD, a disorder i am very familiar with myself. From old school hip hop to post hardcore.

So without further ado…

Listen to this playlist free here FGPlaylist Feature #1 hosted by 8tracks.com

1.Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul – “Fallin'” (Judgement Night Soundtrack)
2.Converge – Jane Doe (Jane Doe)
3.Propagandhi – “Resisting Tyrannical Government” (Less Talk, More Rock)
4.At The Drive-In – “Lopsided” (In Casino/Out)
5.Geto Boys – “Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me” (We Can’t Be Stopped)
6.Wugazi – “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me” (13 Chambers)
7.Wax – “California” (13 Unlucky Numbers)
8.Townes Van Zandt – “Dead Flowers” (The Big Lebowski Soundtrack)
9.Sonic Youth – “Sugar Cane” (Dirty)
10.Pedro The Lion – “Lullaby” (Whole EP)

If you like what you hear, show some support for your fellow music bloggers and visit The Octopus Hamstring.

1 comment
  1. You’re awesome, Kiddo! Loved it. We, over here at the Hamstring, appreciate the spin from Feel Good Playlists.

    Like we’ve discussed, we can’t wait for your own contribution to our site.

    In the midst of all our speculation at the world’s mundane, a ray of sunshine such as yourself would be great for our readers.

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