The Happy Ukulele

Eddie Vedder’s new project Ukulele Songs was inspiration for this playlist. I’ve always loved the sound of the ukulele, it always tends to makes me smile (and it’s just plain cute). So i’ve compiled a playlist of some indie songs i love that put the ukulele to good use 🙂 If you have any songs that aren’t on the list please feel free to share in the comments.

Listen to this playlist free here The Happy Ukulele hosted by

For Spotify Users listen at The Happy Ukulele on Spotify

1. Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time
2. Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – Meet me in the Garden
3. Cocoon – Chupee
4. Ingrid Michaelson – You & I
5. Death Cab For Cutie – Talking Bird (Demo)
6. Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets
7. Eddie Vedder – Can’t Keep
8. Beirut – Penalty
9. Zee Avi – No Christmas For Me
10. Eliza Newman – Ukulele Song for You
11. Panic at the Disco – I Have Friends in Holy Places
12. Herman Dune – 1 2 3 Apple Tree

  1. Eddie Vedder rocks. I still haven’t seen Pearl Jam live…definitely need to get this crossed of the list before I kick the bucket.

  2. Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I nedeed!

  3. Hope you see this still although you posted a while ago because I TOO MADE A GRAND INDIE UKULELE PLAYLIST AND I WANTED TO GIVE YOU SOME REALLY GOOD FINDS!!! I really liked your playlist because it has some of my fav ukers like Beirut, EddVedd and some new good finds!!!! Which if you were going to make this public ukulele playlist like to share with the world, why in the heck wouldn’t you have put “Elephant Gun” or “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut on it!!??? Assuming you heard all of theirs haha… Neither here nor there, if you haven’t heard those please stop what you’re doing and go listen right now immediately!…. Besides that I just wanted to show you my Ukulele Playlist I’ve rocked out to for years, they are all gems in my collection. In order this is how I made it:

    1. Elephant Gun- by Beirut
    ***(Rare song/ was hard to find) 2. The Bucket- (but covered by the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra) Kings of Leon
    3. No Ceiling- by Eddie Vedder
    4. Betrayed by Bones- by Hellogoodbye
    5. Better Than Bad- by The Shortwave Set
    6. Postcards From Italy- by Beirut
    7. 5 Years Time- by Noah and the Whale (! u had this)
    8. The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps- by Hellogoodbye
    9. Soon Forget- by Pearl Jam
    10. Kids Aflame- by Arms
    11. Breakdown- by Jack Johnson (Come on where was this!? or any JJ!? something against the JJ man hawaiin legend?)
    12. Toothpaste Kisses- by The Maccabees
    13. Transatlantique- by Beirut
    14. Social Frankenstein- by Waste of Aces
    15. Somewhere Over the Rainbow- by Israel Kamakawiwa

    Ironically someone commented the phrase “Kick the bucket” on this post, and i got excited because I thought they were referring to the rare b-side cover of THE BUCKET by Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (who are awesome and they always cover new songs and stuff look them up! They’re all from New Zealand and the best part is that the one guy from HBO show FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS is in this band leisurely!!). But you should seriously look them up, they cover “HEY YA” by Outkast and they all like get super pumped when they sing it… you think ukuleles are cute, imagine like a UKULELE ORCHESTRA ALL SINGING and smiling like naturally you can tell they all get extremely happy when they all rock out to this song–HEYYYY YAAAA HEYY YAA. MA BABY DONT MESS AROUND ME… LALALALALALALLA… somethin… anyway…

    ALSO check out Ukulele covers of David Bowie’s song- Life on Mars. Here I made it easier for you:

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