Shamelessly Happy

That kind of music where you hear it and just can’t help but smile. High energy and unabashed happiness.

Listen to this playlist free here Shamelessly Happy hosted by

1. The Flaming Lips – Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
2. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age
3. Foster The People – Houdini
4. The All New Adventures of Us – Firetruck
5. The Rosebuds – Bow To The Middle
6. Hard-Fi – Good For Nothing
7. The Virgins – Teen Lovers
8. Matt & Kim – Daylight
9. Architecture in Helsinki – That Beep
10. The Guggenheim Grotto – Fee Da Da Dee
11. Feist – Sealion
12. Thao – Bag of Hammers
13. Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked
14. Jared Mees and The Grown Children – Shake

  1. Mia Paulin said:

    i like the recovery playlist. Keep doing well. Luv u cuz!


  2. I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so heplful.

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