Turntable.FM: The Anti-Pandora

“Everyone knows Pandora — that popular music-streaming site where robots pick songs for you based on equations.

Well there’s a new kid in town: Turntable.fm. And its philosophy is almost perfectly anti-Pandora.

Instead of computers, real people pick the songs, in real-time.

The site turns this process into a concert-like game…”

Read more of this article here at CNN

I personally cannot wait for this service to open up fully, It seems like the perfect site to explore my love for sharing music with others. It is pretty much a social music network site, i just hope that it doesn’t become a clique ridden place with snobby music critics controlling all the rooms. I hope it’s a tool for everyone to share and embrace music fully. So far it’s been getting really good reviews. I’m itching for an invite to try it out but until then I’ll rely on the articles, screenshots, and reviews from all over the place to keep you updated.

What do you think about this service? and How do you think this will change the music industry?




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