Feel Good Indie Playlist July 2011

This will be the first in a series of playlists i will put out each month containing 20 or more new tracks from up-and-coming indie bands as long as well established indie gods.

Listen here free Feel Good Indie Playlist July 2011 hosted by 8tracks.com

1. Foster the People – I Would Do Anything For You
2. We See Lights – I Hope You Like the Smiths
3. Freelance Whales – Girl U Want
4. Architecture in Helsinki – W.O.W.
5. Crystal Fighters – Plage (Acoustic)
6. Modest Mouse – That’ll be the Day
7. Norton – Coastline
8. I Can Make a Mess Like Nobodys Business – Connected
9. Papermaps – Reunion
10. Morning Parade – Under the Stars
11. The Veils – The Wishbone
12. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Pull Out My Insides
13. Alex Winston – Sister Wife
14. Black Lips – New Direction
15. Generationals – You Say It Too
16. Friendly Fires – Running Away
17. Cassettes Wont Listen – Perfect Day
18. I’m From Barcelona – Skipping a Beat
19. 2 Hearts – Digitalism
20. Katharina Nuttall – Play
21. Metronomy – Tens and Tens
22. Russian Red – The Sun The Trees


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