An Interstellar Romance

Lately, my mind has been drifting away with thoughts of love and space. Love is full of unknowns and strange things just as space is. This playlist is a tribute to that. With songs of interstellar love and strange atmospheres. So leave gravity behind. Embrace Love. and Listen

Listen here free to the full playlist An Interstellar Romance at


1. Thao and Mirah – Spaced Out Orbit
2. Portishead – Wandering Star
3. Lykke Li – I Know Places
4. Dave Matthews Band – Lying in the Hands of God
5. Foals – Alabaster
6. Metric – Calculation Theme
7. The Submarines – Epic Air Voyage
8. Placebo – Sleeping with Ghosts
9. Janelle Monae – Say You’ll Go
10. David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King
11. A Perfect Circle – Gravity
12. The Hush Sound – You Are the Moon
13. Incubus – Stellar
14. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Death of a Martian

For more playlists and exclusive downloads please subscribe to my blog. Thanks! And any comments or suggestions are more than welcome, I would love to know of some more interstellar love songs.

1 comment
  1. Trudi said:

    I like your music about space. Very nice!!

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