Feel Good Hip Hop [Inspire.and.Motivate]

I decided to branch out and make a hip hop play list because lately I’ve only been doing play lists centered around alternative/indie music. I’m really open minded when it comes to music and i love Hip Hop just as much as i love Indie rock. So here are a few songs that really uplift my spirits when I’m feeling like the whole world is against me. Songs that motivate me to go out and chase my dreams, hopefully they can inspire you to do the same. This list is comprised of more modern songs but i’m working on one specifically with old school hip hop tracks which i’ll be putting out sometime later this week. Subscribe to hear it first!

Listen to the full playlist here Feel Good Hip Hop hosted at 8tracks.com

1. T.I. – Live Your Life
2. Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming
3. Kanye West – Champion
4. Chiddy Bang – The Good Life
5. T.I. – Get Back Up
6. Lupe Fiasco – Just Might Be Ok
7. Nas and Damian Marley – Count Your Blessings
8. John Legend ft. The Roots – Wake Up Everybody
9. Lil Wayne – Motivation
10. Nicki Minaj – Blazin
11. Kanye West – Good Life
12. Janelle Monae – Tightropin’
13. Kid Cudi – Up Up and Away
14. Chiddy Bang – Nothin on We

1 comment
  1. jai3000 said:

    Nice track listing. Cool vibe and I like the variety of artists. Come check out my page for hip hop videos and fashion!

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