Feel Good…with Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is an artist whose music continues to inspire me and give me hope when i’m feeling at my worst. Her raw talent and distinct voice is unique in itself and in my opinion, one of the most underrated artists of all time. Like any artist her songs range from sadness to hopeful but the songs of hope are so raw and truthful that they deserve a new post all to themselves.

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1. New beginnings (mp3)(Album)
“It’s time to start all over and make a new beginning”

2.  I’m Ready (mp3)(Album)
“I want to wake up and know where i’m going..say i’m ready.”

3. Crossroads (mp3)(album)
“I’m trying to protect what i keep inside, all the reasons i live my life.”

4. This Time (mp3)(Album)
“Gonna love myself more than anyone else, Gonna treat me right.”

5. All That You Have is Your Soul (Mp3)(Album)
“…don’t give or sell your soul away because all that you have is your soul”

6. If Not Now (mp3)(Album)
” We all must live our lives…always feelings, always thinking. The Moment has arrived.”

7. Speak the Word (mp3)(Album)
“Steady still my doubts, Let me speak the word that precedes this bliss…Love, love, love…..”

8. Let it Rain (mp3)(album)
“Give me hope that help is coming when i need it most”

9. Say Hallelujah (mp3)(album)
“dry your eyes and stand up right, He wouldn’t want us to cry…”

10. Nothing Yet (mp3)(album)
“I’ll stand and fight and hope and pray that the best is yet to come because we ain’t seen nothing yet…”

11. Dreaming on a World (mp3)(Album)
” No matter how unrealistic or naive it may seem, keep on dreaming…”


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